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A blanket is a large, usually rectangular piece of thick bedding material.

Blanket may also refer to:

Types of blanket[edit]

In business[edit]

  • Blanket loan, a type of loan used to fund the purchase of more than one piece of real property
  • Blanket order, a purchase order for multiple delivery dates, used when there is a recurring need for expendable goods

In art, entertainment, and media[edit]


In government and politics[edit]

  • Blanket primary, the voting system employed in the United States
  • Blanket protest, a Northern Irish prison protest held in the Maze prison by republican prisoners
  • Blanketeers, a nickname given to the operatives involved in a public protest in 1817 England


Plants and animals[edit]

  • Blanket (grape), another name for the French wine grape Clairette blanche
  • Blanket octopus, a species of octopus found in Northern Australia
  • Gaillardia pulchella (also called: firewheel, Indian blanket, Indian blanketflower, or sundance), a short-lived annual plant native to the United States

Earth science[edit]

  • Blanket bog, a bog lying over much of the countryside, formed in cool and very wet climates
  • Ejecta blanket, in geology, a layer of ejected material that surrounds an impact crater

Other uses[edit]

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