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Sir Edward Blanshard Stamp QC (21 March 1905 – 20 June 1984), also styled The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Stamp, was an English lawyer, a Lord Justice of Appeal and a member of the Privy Council.[1]

The son of Alfred Edward Stamp,[2] Stamp was educated at Gresham's School, Holt, and the Inns of Court. A barrister, he became a High Court judge of the Chancery Division and in 1971 a Lord Justice of Appeal. He was appointed a privy counsellor on 5 April 1971.[1]

He should not be confused with antecedents of the same name, Mr Edward Blanshard Stamp (1805 – 1847), of Brighton,[3] and Mr Edward Blanshard Stamp (d. 1908), of Hampstead.[4]

He was married to Mildred Evelyn Stamp (née Poer O'Shee).


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