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Developer(s)Lonely Few
Publisher(s)Lonely Few
Platform(s)iOS, Android, Kindle
ReleaseFebruary 28, 2013 (iOS, Android)
Mode(s)Single player

Blendoku is a free[1] puzzle video game for Android and iOS mobile devices[2] developed by Los Angeles-based studio Lonely Few, which was founded by Australian developer Rod Green and Yeong-Hao Han. In Blendoku, players are given a grid of squares, some with colors provided, some not. A palette of additional color tiles is provided. To clear a level, a player must "fill in" the empty squares from the palette in such a way as to create smooth sequences of colors both horizontally and vertically.[3] The game includes 475 levels, and additional levels are available as separate purchases.[4]

Green and Han acknowledged that the game is not accessible to people with a variety of types of color-blindness and were working on a solution.[2]

Reception[edit] called it "Unique and addictive".[1] Gamezebo called it "A brilliantly simple yet challengingly in-depth twist on classic Sudoku." but stated that it's a "tablet game" because many puzzles are too small to play on a phone, [5]


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