Bliha Waterfall

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Bliha Waterfall
Vodopad Bliha
Bliha Waterfall.JPG
Bliha Waterfall is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bliha Waterfall
Coordinates 44°47′31″N 16°32′11″E / 44.79194°N 16.53639°E / 44.79194; 16.53639Coordinates: 44°47′31″N 16°32′11″E / 44.79194°N 16.53639°E / 44.79194; 16.53639[1]
Total height 56 m
Number of drops 1

The Bliha waterfall (Bosnian: Vodopad Bliha) is located near Fajtovci, 14 kilometers west of Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At this point, the water of the Bliha river falls 56 metres deep.[2] It was designated a natural monument in 1965.[1]


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