Blonde and Blonder

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Blonde and Blonder
Theatrical release poster
Directed byDean Hamilton
Bob Clark
Written byRolfe Kanefsky
Dean Hamilton
Gerry Anderson
Produced byDean Hamilton
Kirk Shaw
StarringPamela Anderson
Denise Richards
Emmanuelle Vaugier
Kevin Farley
John Farley
Byron Mann
CinematographyC. Kim Miles
Edited byStan Cole
Music byPeter Allen
Insight Film Studios
Pneumatic Pictures
Canadian Global Media
Distributed byRigel Entertainment
First Look Studios
Release date
  • January 18, 2008 (2008-01-18) (United States)
Running time
94 minutes
Budget$8 million
Box office$780,000[1]

Blonde and Blonder is a 2008 Canadian comedy film directed by Dean Hamilton and starring Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards, and Emmanuelle Vaugier.[2][3] The film was released on January 18, 2008.[4][5][6]


Two dumb blondes, Dee Twiddle and Dawn St. Dom, meet each other for the first time at their first lesson in flight school and they like each other right away due to their numerous similarities. Dee is a professional dancer who has breast implants and a gassy pet turtle named Virgil. Dawn is a former secretary who has tried to be a dancer. After meeting with each other in flight school, Dawn takes off the training plane, believing that Dee is the teacher (and, unfortunately, vice-versa). Once they realized it’s both their first lesson, the girls panic and the plane crashes on a golf course. But both blondes survive the accident without injuries. The blondes quickly become best friends and they notice that they have been next-door neighbors for nearly a year.

Dee decides to help Dawn get a dancing gig at the Beaver Patch Lounge. Meanwhile, the Vancouver Italian Mafia decides to whack Lou Rimoli, a former mafia member and current informant, who is running the Beaver Patch Lounge. Rimoli is being protected by two agents. The Godfather of the mob sends two female assassins, Cat and Kit to whack Rimoli. The assassins succeed. However, Rimoli is murdered right before Dee and Dawn's audition. The Mobsters, Leo and Swan were supposed to monitor what was happening. After seeing Dee and Dawn run from the club, they mistake the blondes for being the infamous assassins Cat and Kit.

Consequently, Leo and Swan offer them $250,000 to "take out" Hang Wong, the head of the Triads in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Dee and Dawn agree, but they think that they have to take Wong on a date. Federal agents discover the plan to kill Wong and follow the blonde duo also thinking they are Cat and Kit. The Godfather sends Leo and Swan to follow the girls to make sure Wong gets whacked. Once the blonde duo arrive in Niagara Falls, they settle at a casino hotel and resort, which Mr. Wong owns. Cat and Kit also arrive there and find out that Dee and Dawn are pretending to be them and have been the hired assassins. They plan to get revenge for this double theft of reputation.

While Dawn is winning money at the casino, Dee meets Mr. Wong during his meeting with Leo and Swan. Dee tells Wong that Leo and Swan hired her to show him a good time. Federal agents spot Dee with Wong in the casino, and chase them. Wong decides to kidnap Dee and takes her to his yacht. Meanwhile, they are chased by the federal agents, Dawn, Cat and Kit. The federal agents and police take everyone into custody.

Back at the casino, the police arrest Kit and Cat, and also Wong for kidnapping Dee. Dawn and Dee kiss despite that Dawn finally finds her dream man (who had joined her in the boat chase), and with the millions of dollars Dawn won at the casino, Dee and Dawn establish Dee and Dawn's Famous Turtle Sanctuary in the countryside where they only have one turtle but promise to have more soon.


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