Blood, Sweat & No Tears

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Blood, Sweat & No Tears
Studio album by Stetsasonic
Released February 5 1991
Genre Hip Hop
Length 69:01
Label Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records
Producer Bobby Simmons
Alvin Mooney
Bob Coulter
Norman Cook
Stetsasonic chronology
In Full Gear
Blood, Sweat & No Tears
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

Blood, Sweat & No Tears is the third and final album from hip hop group Stetsasonic. Producer Prince Paul, acclaimed for his work with De La Soul, continued a successful production career. Paul and Frukwan became members of the popular horrorcore group Gravediggaz, along with Poetic and The RZA. Daddy-O also went on to produce popular artists during the 1990s. The CD version replaces the songs "To Whom It May Concern", "Corporate America", and "Do You Remember This?", which were included on the cassette version, with the new tracks "Gyrlz", "Your Mother Has Green Teeth", and "Took Place In East New York".

Track listing[edit]

# Title Producers Performers
1 "Hip Hop Band" Bobby Simmons *Interlude*
2 "No B.S. Allowed" Bobby Simmons Daddy-O, Wise, Delite
3 "Uda Man" Prince Paul Daddy-O, Wise, Delite, Aasim, DBC, Bobby Simmons, Prince Paul
4 "Speaking Of A Girl Named Suzy" Bobby Simmons Daddy-O, Wise, Delite
5 "Gyrlz" Daddy-O, DBC Daddy-O, Delite
6 "Blood, Sweat & No Tears" Prince Paul Daddy-O, Delite
7 "So Let The Fun Begin" Daddy-O, Alvin Mooney Daddy-O, Delite
8 "Go Brooklyn 3" Bobby Simmons Daddy-O, Wise, Delite
9 "Walkin' In The Rain" Bobby Simmons, Daddy-O Daddy-O, Wise, Delite
10 "Don't Let Your Mouth Write A Check Your Ass Can't Cash" Daddy-O Daddy-O, Delite
11 "Ghetto Is The World" Daddy-O Daddy-O, Wise, Delite
12 "Your Mother Has Green Teeth" Prince Paul Prince Paul
13 "You Still Smokin' That Shit?" Bob Coulter Daddy-O
14 "Heaven Help The M.F.'s" DBC Daddy-O, Wise, Delite
15 "Took Place In East New York" Wise, Daddy-O Wise
16 "Paul's A Sucker" Prince Paul *Instrumental*
17 "Free South Africa [Remix]" Stetsasonic, Norman Cook Daddy-O, Wise, Delite


Chart (1991) Peak
Billboard Top R&B Albums 75


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