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This article is about the river in South Africa. For the battle, see Battle of Blood River. For the film, see Blood River (film).
Blood River (Ncome, Bloedrivier)
Country South Africa
State KwaZulu-Natal
Source Highlands SE of Utrecht
 - location Buffalo River
 - coordinates 27°50′56″S 30°35′35″E / 27.84889°S 30.59306°E / -27.84889; 30.59306Coordinates: 27°50′56″S 30°35′35″E / 27.84889°S 30.59306°E / -27.84889; 30.59306
Location of the Blood River's mouth

Blood River (Afrikaans: Bloedrivier; Zulu: Ncome) is situated in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This river has its sources in the hills SE of Utrecht; leaving the highlands it is joined by two important tributaries that originate in the Schurveberg, after which it flows meandering through a sandy plain.[1] The Blood River is a tributary of the Buffalo River, itself a tributary of the Tugela River which it joins from the north-east.[2]

This river is so named after the Battle of Blood River in which Zulu king Dingaan was defeated by Andries Pretorius' troops in 1838.[3]

The Blood River Vlei, located about 20 km to the south-west of Vryheid, is one of the biggest inland wetlands in South Africa, and the wintering place of migratory birds such as ducks and geese.[4]

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