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Bloque De Armas is a Venezuelan media company. Among other properties it owns the newspapers Diario 2001 and Diario Meridiano and the sports network Meridiano Televisión.

The company was created in 1969 as a holding company for the various businesses of Armando De Armas. De Armas had launched Distribuidora Continental in 1947, followed by other businesses (including Editorial América, launched in 1960).[1] 1969 also saw the launch of sports newspaper Diario Meridiano, while Diario 2001 was launched in 1973.[1]

In 1965 De Armas expanded into the United States, building a large collection of magazine titles, with Spanish-language versions of Hearst Corporation titles, and acquiring Cuban fashion magazine Vanidades in 1967. De Armas sold Hispanic Magazine Network, U.S.A. to Grupo Anaya in 1989.[2]


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