Blue Angels Peak

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Blue Angels Peak
Blue Angels Peak is located in California
Blue Angels Peak
Blue Angels Peak
Highest point
Elevation4,552 ft (1,387 m)  NAVD 88[1]
ListingCalifornia county high points 41st
Coordinates32°37′18″N 116°05′28″W / 32.621748517°N 116.091194078°W / 32.621748517; -116.091194078Coordinates: 32°37′18″N 116°05′28″W / 32.621748517°N 116.091194078°W / 32.621748517; -116.091194078[1]
LocationImperial County, California
Parent rangeSierra Juárez Mountains
Topo mapUSGS In-Ko-Pah Gorge

Blue Angels Peak is a mountain located in the Sierra Juárez mountains less than 300 yards (270 m) north of the United States-Mexico border in California. The mountain rises to an elevation of 4,552 feet (1,387 m) near the San Diego-Imperial county border and Interstate 8. Despite its relatively low elevation, the summit of Blue Angels Peak is the highest point in Imperial County.[2] A 500 kV power line, an extension of Path 46 into San Diego, traverses the northern foothills of this mountain.[3]

The peak was named in honor of the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, which was based at a nearby naval air facility in El Centro.[4]

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