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Blue Sky may refer to:


  • Rayleigh scattering, which causes the sky to appear blue
  • Diffuse sky radiation, solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface after Rayleigh scattering
  • Blue skies research (also called blue sky science), scientific research in domains where "real-world" applications are not immediately apparent


  • Blue Sky (artist), an American painter and sculptor formerly known as Warren Edward Johnson


Film and television[edit]


  • "Mr. Blue Sky", a song by Electric Light Orchestra from their album Out of the Blue.
  • "Blue Sky" (song), a song by The Allman Brothers Band from their 1972 album Eat a Peach
  • "Goodbye Blue Sky", a song by Pink Floyd on their album The Wall
  • "Blue Sky", a song by Patti Griffin from her album Flaming Red
  • Blue Sky Records, a record label started by manager Steve Paul and featuring releases by his clients, including Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer and Muddy Waters
  • "Blue Sky", a song by rapper Common in his album, The Dreamer/The Believer
  • "Blue Sky", a song by Emily West
  • The Blue Sky, a song by A-ha on the album Hunting High and Low



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