BlueSky Software

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BlueSky Software
Subsidiary of Titus Software
Industry computer and video game industry
Fate Closed
Successor Tiger, Inc
Founded 1988
Founder George Kiss
Defunct 2001
Headquarters California
Products video games
Parent Independent (1988-1998) Titus Interactive[1] (1998-2001)

BlueSky Software was an American video game developer situated in California formed in 1988 and had a successful run for 12 years before closing in March 2001, when parent company Titus Interactive was in financial trouble.

Games list[edit]

Atari 7800[edit]

Atari XE[edit]

Atari Lynx[edit]


Commodore 64[edit]


Master System[edit]

Game Gear[edit]

Mega Drive/Genesis[edit]



Java applets[edit]

  • Destroyer (2000)
  • Flam (2000)
  • Hole in one (2000)
  • Power Grid (2000)
  • Sky Battle (2000)

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