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The Blue fleet refers to civilian vehicles held by the Canadian Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces which may or may not be taken off-road.[1]

Canadian Forces Reserves[edit]

Most of these vehicles are for re-cruitment or transport within Canada.

Model Type Number Dates Builder Details
MCI J4500 bus 2+?  ? Motor Coach Industries,  Canada
MCI-9 bus 6+  ? Motor Coach Industries,  Canada

Canadian Forces Military Police[edit]

These vehicles are used on Canadian Forces bases and all are in Canada.

Model Type Number Dates Builder Details
Ford Crown Victoria cruiser 2008 Ford
Chevrolet Impala cruiser 2006 Chevrolet
Ford Explorer SUV cruiser 2008 Ford
Chevrolet Tahoe SUV cruiser 2008 Chevrolet
Chevrolet Silverado Pick Up 2008 Chevrolet

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