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Boško Abramović, Warsaw 2013

Boško Abramović (Бошко Абрамовић; born 1951, Zrenjanin, Yugoslavia) is a Serbian chess grandmaster and selector of the national team.[1]

Best results: 1st at Lugano 1981; 1st at Pamporovo 1982; 1st at Reykjavík 1982; 1st at Vrnjacka Banja 1983; 1st at Niš 1983; 1st at Belgrade 1984; 1st at Linz 1984; 1st at Paris 1985; 2nd at Montpellier 1986; 1st at Berlin 1990; 1st at Oberwart 1990; 1st at Kladovo 1993; 1st at Bela Crkva 1995; 2nd in the Serbian chess championship 2006.

He was awarded the FIDE International Master title in 1980 and the Grandmaster title in 1984. He took 16th–20th place in the 1993 Biel Interzonal. His best Elo rating was 2633.


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