Boalemo Regency

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Boalemo Regency
Official seal of Boalemo Regency
Lokasi Gorontalo Kabupaten Boalemo.svg
Country Indonesia
Province Gorontalo
Capital Tilamuta

Boalemo is a regency of Gorontalo Province, Indonesia. Its regency seat is Tilamuta. It was established in 1999 under Law Number (Undang-Undang Nomor) 50/1999. It has an area of 2,567.36 km2, and a population of 129,177 at the 2010 Census.


Boalemo Regency is now divided into seven districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their 2010 Census population.[1]

Name Population
Census 2010
Mananggu 11,500
Tilamuta 26,417
Dulupi 15,222
Botumoito 14,126
Paguyaman 29,753
Wonosari 24,818
Paguyaman Pantai 7,417


  1. ^ Biro Pusat Statistik, Jakarta, 2011.

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Coordinates: 0°39′N 122°19′E / 0.650°N 122.317°E / 0.650; 122.317