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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Cable & Deadpool #38
(May 2007)
Created by Fabian Nicieza
Reilly Brown
In-story information
Alter ego Robert
Team affiliations
Partnerships Deadpool

Bob is a fictional antihero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and a sidekick of Deadpool.

Fictional character biography[edit]

A cowardly young man, Bob was persuaded into joining the criminal organization Hydra by his wife, Allison, who accused him of not being able to hold a steady job. The thought of a stable career with a dental plan also appealed to Bob, though he was disappointed to find out Hydra does not offer full dental like AIM. During Deadpool's assault on Hydra to rescue the captured Agent X, he ran into Bob and coerced him into helping him. Bob was hesitant, as Hydra would not allow him back into the organization having betrayed them, but Deadpool, at the time four inches tall, tortured him with a security card until he relented. He then forced Bob to fly them to safety in one of Hydra's jets, though Bob did not know how to pilot an aircraft.[1]

After Deadpool, Agent X, and Bob returned to the United States, they found Outlaw and Sandi missing. Bob accompanied Deadpool on his mission to save the girls and subsequently became an honorary member of Agency X. He continues to work with the group on their various missions, and is referred to as Deadpool's "Pet" (or "Minion", because that is "more PC"). Bob was shot in the leg, during a raid on the very same Hydra base Deadpool kidnapped him from, in an attempt to save Weasel from Wolverine. Weasel had been left behind in the raid Bob had been picked up on. Deadpool knew that when Wolverine targeted the base, Weasel's chances for survival were slim. When Wolverine cuts off Deadpool's head, Bob was the one who put it back and let Deadpool's healing factor kick in. At the end of the incident, most of Bob's former co-workers are slain. Weasel sends the rest to prison using teleportation technology.[2] Weasel saves the others with the teleportation technology but it later malfunctions. Deadpool and Bob are sent into the past, where they aided Captain America and Bucky in stopping Arnim Zola. Following that adventure, Bob accompanied Deadpool on a mission through various dimensions to help Doctor Strange save reality after it was damaged by T-Ray's novice magic.[3]

Bob also traveled with Deadpool and Weasel to the Savage Land, where he ran away from an assortment of dinosaurs. Deadpool attempted to teleport the dinos to Genosha as a prank on Magneto, but instead they were sent to the Genoshan Embassy in downtown Manhattan, being infected with the alien Symbiotes responsible for Venom and Carnage. During the resultant battle, Bob's attempt to flee accidentally caused the death of one of the creatures while a news crew watched. Thinking his actions were intentional, they interviewed Bob who claimed the 'H' on his uniform stood for "Hero". He then received a text message from Allison who had seen the events on the news and thought it was hot. Bob is seen watching television with Deadpool and his supporting cast as the series ends.[4]

Bob is later seen assisting Deadpool defeat Tiger Shark. When Deadpool asks him what he's doing Bob replies "U-uh saving you". Then Deadpool tells Bob to throw him the rifle, Bob throws it to him but it does not get to him and the rifle falls into the water where Tiger Shark is waiting because "Bob throws like a girl." He is then knocked into the water. Deadpool saves Bob at the last second and they were able to outmaneuver Tiger Shark for a while. It was Bob, after a shot to the hand, that explained to Deadpool that he along with Tiger Shark were hired by Norman Osborn. Who Deadpool soon realizes, stole from him during the height of the Secret Invasion against the Skrulls.[5]

Later, Bob is called upon by Deadpool because he wants Bob and himself to be pirates. Bob abandons his severely overweight and overbearing wife to answer the call. Bob gets stuck as Deadpool's parrot, due to severe beatings. With Deadpool's lack of navigational skills they become lost at sea for six weeks and Bob develops scurvy (or possibly heat stroke). Bob attempts to gain help from Kalani, a blind, beautiful information clerk on Jallarka, a tropical island the two were planning to 'pirate'.[6] Bob is pleased to be forced to spend time with this lady when Deadpool's insanity causes him to demand her platonic companionship in exchange for saving the island from other pirates. She is pleased to make this exchange.[7] The three work together and kill all the pirates. Kalani falls for Bob and asks him to stay behind with her but his husbandly loyalty is too strong. Technically, he is forced to stay behind as Deadpool abandons Bob and Kalani with a crateful of gold and musings on how he wants to help people instead of rob them.[8]

During the World War Hulks storyline, Bob uses a time platform to send Hulkpool (a gamma-powered Deadpool) back in time to kill Deadpool. Unfortunately, it sends him to an alternate reality where Thing is Blackbeard. Bob tries to correct the mistakes and ends up transporting dinosaurs to that reality. Further mistakes in that timeline cause Bob to be revered as an all powereful God by the entirety of modern-day Earth.[9]

Bob gets on the wrong side of a gang war between Tombstone and the Kingpin. Desperate to save his friend's life, Deadpool battles X-Force, who were trying to take him down. They agree to leave Deadpool alone when they realize he is trying to simply save Bob. [10]

After two years of absence, Deadpool calls again Bob's help to secure an escape route for him and Shiklah. Despite initially offended for Deadpool's long disappearance, he happily agrees to help,[11] getting somehow an HYDRA Carrier kidnap (thus, saving) the couple. However, the trio gets kidnapped by MODOK, interested in Shiklah's succubus powers.[12]

They manage to escape, but in the process Bob gets his legs badly crushed and, as Shiklah pleads for his safety, Deadpool agrees to dump him to a veterinarian clinic at first, then a real hospital [13] He recovers enough to help Deadpool fending off Dracula's forces, using a stolen MODOK's chair to move around in his broken legs.[14] He eventually manages to make a full recovery, attending to Wade and Shiklah's marriage [15]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Bob has no superpowers and does not have training in any combat or tactical skills. The training Hydra gives its minions seems primarily focused on running away and hiding when confronted with danger, making Bob a parody of the cannon-fodder henchmen frequently seen working for evil organizations in comic books.[citation needed] Even this training seems useless, as Bob has cited[citation needed] such Hydra lessons as "Hiding behind each other" and "If I can't see them they can't see me." Deadpool has said that Bob is better at running away than anyone he has seen.[volume & issue needed]

Bob has a pathological fear ingrained in him of certain characters who are particularly devastating enemies of Hydra. Among these are Captain America, Wolverine, and Elektra. Notably, Bob has mentioned Hydra specifically trains their minions to flee as quickly as possibly upon hearing the distinctive "snikt" sound of Wolverine's claws. When stressed he has a tendency to shout "Hail Hydra!" and other propaganda of the organization such as "Cut off one head and two more will take its place!"

Despite his incompetence, Bob sometimes gets lucky. He was able to fly a plane a long distance despite having no knowledge of how to do so,[16] and killed a Symbiote possessed dinosaur by accident while fleeing from it.[17] He was also able to save Deadpool's life during a battle with Wolverine by staying put to reattach his head despite his cowardice.[18] Even though he is useless in a fight, Deadpool seems to delight in taking him on dangerous missions, seemingly for his own amusement. Bob goes along with him, although it is unclear whether this is because he is afraid of Wade or genuinely considers him a friend - or because he's a committed minion and does not know what else to do.

Despite his shortcomings and his cowardice, Bob's strength lies in him being a dedicated friend, challenging his own fears to help his friends.[14]

Other versions[edit]

Identity Wars[edit]

In an alternate universe visited by Deadpool, Hulk and Spiderman, Bob is a red-suited lackey of that version of Wade Wilson, a powered crimelord of New York City. Feeling the need to eliminate his rival's murderous empire, Deadpool kills his way through his counterpart's men; Bob gets flattened under an I-beam. [19]

Marvel Max[edit]

In Deadpool Max, Bob is a CIA agent and the reluctant handler of the deranged Deadpool, charged with keeping up the façade that the missions Deadpool is assigned all somehow involve taking down the entirely fictional terrorist organization Hydra.[20]

In other media[edit]

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