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A logo from Bob And Brian In The Morning

Bob and Brian is a talk radio show broadcast from WHQG in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Topics of discussion include politics, celebrity gossip, and sports, along with the random daily events.

The show broadcasts weekdays from 5:30 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. and repeats as a week-in-review show on Saturday mornings. It is syndicated in Wisconsin.[citation needed]

Longtime friends who grew up in Union Grove, Wisconsin, Bob Madden and Brian Nelson went to high school and technical college together before teaming up to work in radio in January 1981. They had brief stints for stations in Florida, Missouri, Michigan, and Toledo, Ohio, before moving to Milwaukee's "Lazer 103", WLZR in July 1987 (WLZR has since become WHQG).[1]


Former affiliates[edit]



  • Bob Madden, 'The Voice Of Beef' — Host (1989-Current) [2]
  • Brian Nelson, 'The Gangster Of Love' — Host (1989-Current) [2]
  • Eric, 'Rock' Jensen — Producer (1996-Current) [2]
  • Carrie Wendt, 'First Lady Of WI — News (1999-Current) [2]
  • 'Sports Donkey', Steve Czaban — Sports (1997-Current) [2]
  • 'Sportsbabe', Stephanie Sutton — News Fill-in (2010-Current)


  • Liz Borden — Traffic (1992–1997); News (1997–1999 ) [3]
  • Duane Gay (1956-2005 RIP) — Guest Commentator; News Fill-in (199X-2005) [3]
  • Marilynn Mee — News (1989-1997); "Jackpot Girl" (1989-2005) [3]
  • Dorene "Firegirl" Michaels — News & Traffic (????-2004) [3]
  • Jeff Miller aka "The Hawk" & "Jeffrey Goodjudgement" — Producer; (1989–1996)
  • Dan Patrick — Sports (1989–1995) [3]
  • Mark Patrick — Sports (1995–1997) [3]
  • Air Marshall Pedersen — Air Safety (1995–1998); Softball (1998) [3]
  • Steve "Consumer of Caffeine" Radke — Backup Producer (????-2011) [3]



  • "One Question Line" (7:00) — Viewers are allowed to ask a single question. Friday is reserved for "ladies only".[3]
  • "Showbiz News" (7:20) — Commentary by Bob and Brian on what happens in the entertainment industry and politics.[3]
  • "Sports (8:10) — with Steve Czaban" ('It’s Raining Men' by The Weather Girls)
  • "This Day in History" (9:20) — Brian recaps the significant events, births, and deaths of that particular day in history.[3]
  • "Who’s The Stiff?" (9:45) — A game show pitting two phone-in contestants against each other, with up to five randomly drawn questions. The loser of each round, and the game, is "The Stiff". Daily prizes are awarded and winners are entered into a drawing for a getaway vacation.


Occasional guests[edit]

  • The Boogie Men — local Milwaukee band
  • Fireman Jim (Theme From Medical Center) — fire safety expert and Star Wars enthusiast[3]
  • A. J. Christopher — much-traveled veteran disc jockey[3]
  • Vern Cunningham aka "Vern the Carny" — hard of hearing carnie who talks about life at the fair[3]
  • Santana Dotson ("Atomic Dog" by George Clinton) — interviewed each Tuesday during the National Football League season to give his insights
  • Jimmy "Masterlock" Dugan ('Viva Las Vegas' by Elvis Presley) — gambling "expert". Calls in on Fridays during football season to give his picks[3]
  • Seth Grunlode ("Shambala" by Three Dog Night) — Lost (TV series) expert[3]
  • Matt Kenseth ("Dirt Track Date" by Southern Culture on the Skids) — interviewed each Thursday during NASCAR racing season
  • Kirk Rocker — shock jock who talks about "the Man"[3]
  • "Skip" — baseball sportswriter with Tourette syndrome[3]
  • Joe Panos aka "Mr. Halloween" ("Dance For Halloween" by Chris McKhool) — former offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills in the NFL; unofficial goodwill ambassador for the Halloween season[3]
  • Mike Toomey ("Batman Theme" from TV series) — comedian and master impersonator[3]
  • Keith Tozer ("Ole Ole Ole") — retired soccer player who coaches the Milwaukee Wave of Major Indoor Soccer League
  • Mark Metcalf ("Shama Lama Ding Dong" by Lloyd Williams) — actor who discusses movie news and reviews[3] (was a weekly segment through May 2013)

Occasional segments[edit]

  • Fan Letters — Listeners are given the opportunity to send in stories on various themes throughout the year. The debut series involved boat launch disasters. Letters are eligible for a grand prize.[4]

A list of themes is below:

  • Where you goin', What you takin' — B&B along with Carrie take calls from listeners, usually around major holidays, and simply ask "Where you goin', what you takin'".[3]

Charitable contributions[edit]

B&B event logos
  • 28 Hour Radiothon — During the second week in April, B&B host the 28-hour Radiothon for the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC Fund). The Radiothon includes guest interviews with those in the sports and entertainment industry.[5]
  • Gutter Bowl — On the last Friday of February, Bob and Brian host a bowling tournament to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Wisconsin. During the event, items are given out and contests are held. In previous years, the event has been sponsored by and features Steve Czaban.[3]
  • HOG For Hunger — November around Thanksgiving, the Bob & Brian crew, along with the other rock jocks at the station, have a three-day remote broadcast where they seek food donations for the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee.[6]
  • OPEN Golf Outing — Wisconsin’s largest charity golf tournament, held annually on the last Friday in July. Money is raised by purchasing golfing spots. A special auction is held to determine who Bob, Brian, and Steve golf with. Steve Czaban shows a custom-made video presentation at dinner, and performs a special stunt.[3]
  • Plane Pull — Hosted every October, the Midwest Airlines-sponsored event features 30 teams of 12 attempting to pull a Midwest Airlines aircraft 15 feet across a tarmac in less than 10 seconds. Teams compete for the top prize of roundtrip travel to any Midwest Airlines destination. Money raised goes to the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) Fund.[7][8]

Compilation albums[edit]

Bob and Brian annually release albums containing highlights of the broadcasting year. The cover artwork is illustrated by local Milwaukeean Matt Zumbo.[9] Proceeds from the album sales go to the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Wisconsin.[10]

Bob And Brian CD covers from 2011, 2010, 2009, & 2008

Bob & Brian albums[edit]

  • 2016 Dumpster Fulla Bums
  • 2015 Yankee Doodle S.O.B.
  • 2014 Shut Yer Gob
  • 2013 Toilet Cat
  • 2012 Average Looking Donkeys
  • 2011 Scrapbook Of Hate[11]
  • 2010 Lick'n The Beaters
  • 2009 MyFaceTube
  • 2008 Pounded Clowns
  • 2007 Premium Hair Ring
  • 2006 The Adventures of Captain Wizzo
  • 2005 Mexican Bologna Roll
  • 2004 Stench Ranch
  • 2003 Albanian Love Stories
  • 2002 Horrifying Zubaz
  • 2001 By The Numbers
  • 2000 Very Close Enemies
  • 1999 What A Blast
  • 1998 Strange Load
  • 1997 Warning: Do Not Eat The Contents Of This Package
  • 1996 Individually Twisted
  • 1995 Tahellwitchoo
  • 1994 Ripped
  • 1993 All My Packers II
  • 1992 All My Packers


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