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Not to be confused with Bob Arnott.

Dr. Bob Arnot, M.D. internal medicine, is an award-winning journalist, author of twelve books on nutrition and health, host of the Dr Danger reality TV series, and previously chief medical and foreign correspondent for NBC and CBS. He is also the founder, and former or current board member of several humanitarian aid organizations.


  • The Aztec Diet, Harper Collins (New York Times Best-Seller)
  • The Best Medicine, Addison Wesley
  • The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet, Little Brown (#1 New York Times Best-Seller)
  • Turning Back the Clock, Little Brown
  • Revolutionary Weight Control, Little Brown
  • The Prostate Cancer Prevention Plan, Little Brown
  • The Biology of Success, Little Brown
  • The Breast Health Cookbook, Little Brown
  • Beating Wear and Tear, Simon & Schuster
  • How to Prevent a Heart Attack, Simon & Schuster
  • Sport Selection with Charles Gaines, Viking
  • Your Survival, Hatherleigh



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