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Bob Wojnowski
Born Buffalo, New York, U.S.
Alma mater University of Michigan
Station(s) WXYT-FM, Detroit, Michigan
Time slot 6–8pm
Style Sports radio
Country United States
Previous show(s) Stoney and Wojo
Website Bob Wojnowski's column

Bob "Wojo" Wojnowski is an American reporter and columnist for The Detroit News and host of a radio show on WXYT-FM in Detroit, Michigan.[1] Wojnowski also appears often on Fox 2 WJBK's Sunday Night Sports Works roundtable.

Wojnowski previously co-hosted the Stoney and Wojo radio show on WDFN. Along with co-host Mike Stone, the Stoney and Wojo show had been a consistent ratings leader for years in the Detroit afternoon drive time slot[2] until it was canceled on January 20, 2009.


Wojo has developed a split existence in the Detroit media, he portrays himself as a goofy, Nutter Butter obsessed idiot-savant on the radio at times, but also writes some of the most interesting and insightful sports commentary in the country. He is known for continually welcoming callers on the Stoney and Wojo show with "Happy New Year" well into July, and for continually reminding his co-host of his past, real or imagined, extra-marital affairs in Atlanta, drug use, and sleeping in the same bed as his sister while growing up. Yet Wojo also displays strong interviewing skills and can penetrate to the heart of the latest Detroit sports topic. He never shies away from asking a guest the hardest questions. He is very dedicated to his journalism print career and often misses his radio show because of his coverage of away games. Personally, he is married to his refrigerator—according to his station bio.

The Stoney and Wojo show was a three-hour radio broadcast that included listener call-in segments, regular guests, and current affairs talk slanted towards the Detroit and Michigan sports fan. With Mike Stone and Wojnowski's playful repartee, the show had developed a definite comedic quality with Stone playing straight man to Wojo's more clownish comments. The heart of the show was sports and the breaking news of the Detroit sports market was paramount. Included were interviews, where the professional journalism strengths of both Stone and Wojnowski come to the fore. Occasionally, political news was featured, Governor Jennifer Granholm has appeared several times, for example. Stoney and Wojo conducted an annual 28-hour radiothon in support of research for a cure of leukemia and lymphoma. The event was started when Sabrina Black, WDFN update reporter, was diagnosed with lymphoma, and continued after her long battle with the disease lead to her death in 2006. It was typically held in a Metro Detroit restaurant and includes many regular guest appearances including Tony Dungy and Joe Dumars, among many others.

Stoney and Wojo filled in for Jim Rome on the North American syndicated The Jim Rome Show on July 13, 2007.

On January 20, 2009, due to cutbacks at Clear Channel, the Stoney and Wojo Show was discontinued on WDFN "The Fan" in Detroit.

Wojo is a longtime active member of the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association.


Wojnowski also predicts final scores of big Detroit sporting events under the name "Wojodamus" (a play on Nostradamus). Wojodamus correctly predicted the Detroit Pistons' selection of Tayshaun Prince in the 2002 NBA Draft and the Detroit Lions' selection of Mike Williams in the 2005 NFL Draft. The Wojodamus legend grew as early as 1999 when he went into an on-air trance and predicted the No. 9 nationally ranked Wisconsin Badgers football team would lose to the unranked Cincinnati Bearcats.[3]

On April 9, 2008, Wojodamus correctly predicted the 0–7 Detroit Tigers would win their first game of the 2008 Major League Baseball season against the Boston Red Sox. The Tigers won the game 7–2.[4]

On November 17, 2012 – even before the matchups were announced – Wojodamus correctly predicted Alabama would beat Notre Dame 42–14 in the 2013 BCS National Championship Game.[5]


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