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Bobby Vernon

Bobby Vernon (March 9, 1897, Chicago, Illinois – June 28, 1939, Hollywood, California) was an American comedic actor in silent films. He later became a writer and comedy supervisor at Paramount for W.C. Fields and Bing Crosby, when the sound era arrived. Sources indicate that he was born Sylvion de Jardin.

Life and career[edit]

The Chicago-born son of entertainers Harry Burns and Dorothy Vernon (born Dorothy Baird), Bobby first appeared onstage at the age of nine. Five years later, he was appearing in Universal Studios's Joker comedies. A comedic and romantic lead, he appeared in numerous silent films, beginning with Keystone romantic comedies opposite Gloria Swanson in 1915, and in Al Christie romantic comedies in 1917.


Bobby Vernon married Angelina Repetto of St. Louis, Missouri; the couple had one child, Barbara. Angelina was the sister-in-law of Reggie Morris, thus making the two men brothers-in-law.[citation needed]


Bobby Vernon died of a heart attack in 1939 in Hollywood, California, aged 42.[1]

Partial filmography[edit]


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