Bodø Energi

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Bodø Energi AS
Industry Power
Founded 1909
Founder City of Bodø
Headquarters Bodø, Norway
Area served
Key people
Arne Juell (CEO)
Stig Erik Fossum (Chairman)

Bodø Energi is a municipal owned power company that serves Bodø, Norway. It operates the power grid with 24,000 customers in Bodø, as well as Heggmoen power station.


The company was founded in 1909 as Bodø Elektricitetsværk, though later changed its name to Bodø Elverk, with the establishment of Breiva power station at 350 MW. In 1924 Bodin power station was opened. In 1956 the municipalities of Bodø and Bodin get 50 of the 61 shares of Salten Kraftsamband, that is established to coordinate power production in Salten. 1968 saw the merger between the two municipalities of Bodø and Bodin, and at the same time Bodø Elverk merges with Bodin Kraftverk. At the same time Kjerringøy Kraftlag is bought.

In 1992 what had to then been a municipal agency was transformed to a limited company and given the present name, and two years later the district heating was established. In 2007 it established the four operating subsidiaries BE Kraftsalg AS, BE Energimontasje AS, BE Nett AS and BE Produksjon AS.

Bodø Energi's headquarters are housed in the office building Energihuset in Bodø