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Boleslav / Bolesław
Pronunciation Czech: [bolɛˈslaf]
Polish: [bɔlɛˈswaf]
Gender male
Word/name Slavic
Meaning bole ("large, more") + sława/slava ("glory, fame")
Other names
Variant form(s) Bolesława/Boleslava (f)
Nickname(s) Bolek, Bolko, Bolo, Slava, Slavko, Sławek

Boleslaw, Bolesław, Boleslav or Boleslaus in Latin, is a male given name of Slavic origin meaning great glory. Feminine forms: Bolesława / Boleslava.

It was the favoured dynastic name in the Polish Piast dynasty and also, to a considerably lesser extent, among the Czech Přemyslids. Into the Piasts was borrowed from Přemyslids through inheritance in female line. (The mother of first Polish monarch of that name, i.e. Boleslaus the Brave, was the Czech princess Doubravka of Bohemia, whose father and brother bore the name "Boleslav".)

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