Bollenbach (Argen)

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D-BW-Tettnang - Bollenbach 01.JPG
Weir northeast of Laimnau
Location Germany
Reference no. DE: 215292
Physical characteristics
Main source Near Obereisenbach
around 510 m above sea level (NN)
47°41′23″N 9°38′39″E / 47.68972°N 9.64417°E / 47.68972; 9.64417Coordinates: 47°41′23″N 9°38′39″E / 47.68972°N 9.64417°E / 47.68972; 9.64417
River mouth Near Laimnau into the Argen
around 431 m above sea level (NN)
47°38′04″N 9°37′44″E / 47.63444°N 9.62889°E / 47.63444; 9.62889
Length 7.8 km
Basin features
Progression Argen → Lake Constance → Rhine → North Sea
River system Rhine

The Bollenbach is a roughly 7.8-kilometre-long stream in the German state of Baden-Württemberg within the county of Bodenseekreis. It is a right-hand tributary of the Argen.


The Bollenbach rises north of the Tettnang village of Obereisenbach from several springs that lie within the forest of Arlenholz. Thereafter it flows, canalized, in a southerly direction through countryside used for agriculture. After Tannau, a village on the Upper Swabian Baroque Route, it passes through the Bollen woods. Here its course is more original. It continues southwards, running past Wiesertsweiler and through the village of Laimnau, where it finally empties into the Argen.


From its source to its mouth the Bollenbach picks up the waters of many unnamed streams as well as the following tributaries:

  • Flockenbach (l), south of Tannau
  • Kreuzweiherbach (l), near Wiesertsweiler

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