Bolletjes Blues

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Bolletjes Blues
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Brigit Hillenius
Karin Junger
Produced by René Huybrechste
Joram Willink
Written by Brigit Hillenius
Karin Junger
Starring Negativ
Sophie van Oers
Mr. Probz
Music by

Joram Willink, Giorgio Tuinfort

distributor = Buena Vista International
Release date
March 23, 2006
Running time
92 min.
Language Dutch

Bolletjes Blues (Gangsta Blues, also known as Bling!) is a 2006 Dutch musical film with Negativ as the main character, Spike.


Spike is a young black man from Suriname who lives in the Bijlmermeer. He is a student first, but drops out. In order to have enough money to impress his white girlfriend Rosalie (Sophie van Oers) he joins a gang led by Delano (SugaCane) and commits various robberies.

A related gang operates a cocaine smuggling route from Suriname to the Netherlands with mules swallowing cocaine pellets. As a mule, Spike is arrested on departure from Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport (Zanderij) near Paramaribo, and incarcerated at Santo Boma prison.

Rosalie volunteers as mule also, in order to be able to visit Spike. The film ends after this visit, it does not show whether she actually swallows and smuggles cocaine pellets.


Dutch Box Office[edit]

The film debuted at #8, grossing over €63,196 in its first week. The second week, it dropped to #10, grossing only €41,556 in that week. A total of €104,752 in the Netherlands.

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