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Bonnet may refer to:


  • Bonnet (headgear), a variety of headgear with the absence of a brim
  • Blue bonnet, a distinctive woollen cap worn by men in Scotland from the 15th-18th centuries
  • Feather bonnet, worn by Scottish regiments, developed from the blue bonnet
  • Glengarry, type of cap also called a Glengarry bonnet, also probably derived from the blue bonnet
  • Tam o' Shanter (cap), developed from the blue bonnet
    • its military variant the Balmoral bonnet, also developed from the blue bonnet
  • War bonnet, feathered headgear worn as military decoration by Plains Indians
  • Tudor bonnet, worn during Tudor times, but has now become an academic doctoral cap at universities in the U.K.



  • Bonnet (wagon), a word for the canvas cover on covered wagons.
  • Automobiles René Bonnet, defunct French automobile manufacturer
  • Bonnet (car), a word for the hinged engine cover of a motor vehicle in Britain and Commonwealth countries, also known as a "hood" in U.S. and Canadian English


  • Piece of canvas laced to the bottom of a sail to make it bigger

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