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Bonnie Bishop started her career as a country rock singer-songwriter from Texas,[1] who grew up in Houston, Texas and later moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

Accomplished singer-songwriter Bonnie Bishop is still making music today.

After arriving in Nashville, Bishop began writing and performing. She eventually received awards and recognition for her songwriting. In 2012, Bishop's idol Bonnie Raitt recorded her song "Not Cause I Wanted To."[2] Bishop co-wrote this single with NRBQ guitarist "Big Al" Anderson and it was selected as a New York Times Best Song of 2012.[2] "Not Cause I Wanted To" won Bishop her first Grammy in 2013 when Raitt's Slipstream won Best Americana Album that year. Raitt has even covered Bishop's own "Undone", saying in an interview with Billboard Magazine, "I love her work. Isn't she incredible?"[3]

Another song Bishop wrote entitled "The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts" made its television debut in 2013 on ABC's hit show Nashville. One of the show’s stars Rayna James (Connie Britton) performed the song at her comeback show on the legendary stage at the Grand Ole Opry.[4][5]

After a long career of touring and performing bar gigs, Bishop took a break. She went to graduate school at Sewanee – University of the South for creative writing as a way to refresh herself after many years on the road. While studying at Sewanee, award-winning producer David Cobb (Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson) called her after hearing some demos. Convinced Bishop should be singing soul music, Cobb asked Bishop for her original songs. From this list, Bishop’s newest record "Ain’t Who I Was" was born and will be released via Thirty Tigers on May 27.[6]



  • Bonnie Bishop (2002)
    1. Goin' Back to Texas - Music by Rob Albertson, Lyrics by Bonnie Bishop
    2. Men Are Like Buses - Bonnie Bishop
    3. Only Glory - Leann Atherton and Jay Patterson
    4. Send Me a Cowboy - Bonnie Bishop
  • Long Way Home (2004)
    1. Send Me a Cowboy
    2. Goin' Back to Texas
    3. In the Mirror
    4. Long Way Home
    5. One of a Kind (The Waltz)
    6. Men Are Like Buses
    7. If I Needed You - Townes Van Zandt
    8. Simple House
    9. Sweet on the Down Low
    10. Friend of Mine
    11. Woman Willing to Wait
    12. Wayfaring Stranger
  • Soft to the Touch (2005)
    1. Love Never Knows
    2. Trains
    3. The House That Jack Built
    4. Soft To The Touch
    5. Something The Doctor Didn't Order
    6. Brent Rollins
    7. He Took Me To The River
    8. I Must Want It Bad
    9. Give It Up To Me
    10. Red Moon
    11. Stillhouse
    12. Fallen Angel
  • Bonnie Bishop and Friends: Live at Magnolia Avenue (2006)
    1. Sweet On The Downlow
    2. Stillhouse
    3. Fallen Angel
    4. Friend
    5. Almost Like Home
    6. Soft To The Touch
    7. If I Needed You
    8. Fort Worth
    9. Trains
    10. Brent
    11. Brent Rollins
    12. You Don't Know Me
    13. Jesus
    14. Friend Of Mine
    15. Bruce
    16. The Things I Know
    17. House That Jack Built
    18. Red Moon
    19. Everly Lane
    20. Priest
    21. You Don't Laugh Anymore
    22. Mavericks
    23. Fire And Rain
    24. Send Me A Cowboy
    25. Something The Doctor Didn't Order
  • Things I Know (2009)
    1. Think I Will
    2. Lucky Ones
    3. Take Care of Me
    4. Virginia
    5. Little By Little
    6. Things I Know
    7. Almost Like Home
    8. Give Me Away
    9. River of Joy
    10. Shattered Intro
    11. Shattered
    12. Every Time You Come Around
  • Free (2012)
    1. Keep Using Me
    2. Shrinking Violet
    3. Free
    4. Bad Seed
    5. World Like This
    6. The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts
    7. Right Where You Are
    8. Bad Seed (Acoustic Version)
  • Ain't Who I Was (2016)
    1. Mercy
    2. Be With You
    3. Looking For You
    4. Done Died
    5. Poor Man's Melody
    6. Broken
    7. Too Late
    8. Ain't Who I Was
    9. Not Cause I Wanted To
    10. You Will Be Loved

Personal life[edit]

Bonnie Bishop was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the daughter of two musicians. Her father was a blues piano player, and her mother a cellist. In 1991 she moved to Mississippi after her mother remarried.[8][9] Bishop credits much of her vocal style to the students at her high school in Mississippi, however she was sent back to Houston to finish high school after her parents decided the local schools were a bad influence on her.[10] Bishop graduated with a sociology degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2001.[11]


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