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This article is meant to give a list of Book of Mormon rulers, including kings and chief judges among the Lamanites, Nephites, and Jaredites.


The Nephites had kings to begin with, then judges, then a brief period of anarchy, then self-governance, initially led by the Savior's teachings.

Reign of the Nephite Kings in the Land of Zarahemla

  • Nephi (569 BC)
  • 2nd Nephi, 3rd Nephi, etc. (Names not given) (c. 540 - 279 BC)
  • Mosiah (c. 279 BC)
  • Benjamin (c. 130 BC)
  • Mosiah II (c. 124 BC)

Nephite Kings in the LAND of Lehi-Nephi (which became Lamanite Territory)

Reign of the Nephite Judges in the Land of Zarahemla


The Lamanites appear to have had mostly kings:

Lamanite Kings in the Land of Lehi-Nephi



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