Bophuthatswana Air Force

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Bophuthatswana Air Force
Bophuthatswana Air Force Insignia.svg
Air Force roundel
Founded 1987 - 1994 (ceased)
Country  Bophuthatswana
Branch Air force
Role Air defence

The Bophuthatswana Air Force (BAF) was the aviation branch of the Bophuthatswana Defence Force. The BAF existed from 1987 until 27 April 1994. The primary role of the BAF was to provide support and medevac services to the ground units of the Bophuthatswana army. The BAF operated from several bases, one being Mmabatho AFB.

All surviving aircraft and helicopters were integrated into the South African Air Force after 27 April 1994.


An air component of the BDF was established on 19 March 1981 with the purchase of an Alouette III.

In 1982, the unit became known as Bophuthatswana Air Wing with the arrival of a 2nd Alouette III and 2 Helio H-295s. In 1983, 2 Partenavia P.68s and an AS-355 Écureuil were purchased - the latter was assigned to VIP transports. In November 1989, it was replaced by an SA-365N1 Dauphin.

In 1985, a CASA 212-200 Aviocar was purchased to transport paratroopers, a CASA 212-300 was received in 1987.[1] The 2 Helios were withdrawn from service and replaced by 2 MBB/Kawasaki BK 117s.

With the arrival of so many new aircraft, the Bophuthatswana Air Wing took the name Bophuthatswana Air Force in late 1987.


Aircraft Origin Type In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
Pilatus PC-7   Switzerland training / COIN 3[2]
CN-235  Spain utility / transport 1[2]
C.212 Aviocar  Spain transport 2[2]
Pilatus PC-6 Turbo-Porter   Switzerland transport / liaison / COIN 1[2]
BK 117  Germany utility / liaison 2[2]
Alouette III  France liaison 2[2]
SA365N  France VIP 2[2]

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