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Dumsa ga
Town & Village
Bordumsa is located in Arunachal Pradesh
Bordumsa is located in India
Location in Arunachal Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 27°31′10″N 95°53′18″E / 27.51944°N 95.88833°E / 27.51944; 95.88833
Country  India
State Arunachal Pradesh
District Changlang district
Founded by Dumsa Nong ( Who was popularly known as DUMSA JAMADAR. )
Named for Dumsa Families
Elevation 140 m (460 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 29 347
Demonym(s) Bordumsa Circle
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Pincode(s) 792 056
Area code(s) 03800
ISO 3166 code IN-AR
Vehicle registration AR-12

Bordumsa is a town in Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The inhabitants living in this area belong mainly to the Singpho tribe. In Bordumsa circle one can also find people belonging to the Tai-Khampti and Tai-Khamyang tribe who live in harmony with each other.[citation needed] Also few families belonging to the Tai-Phake tribe can be found in Lalung village. Bordumsa's population is 29,347 and its elevation is 140 meters.[1]

Bordumsa is part of the Bordumsa-Diyun Assembly constituency and is accessible by buses and private transports like jeep and taxi that run daily from Digboi (the nearest population center), Tinsukia and Dibrugarh. It is also accessible through Mahadevpur (via Old Mohong, New Mohong).

The main interest in Bordumsa is the tea plantation which consists of more than hundreds of hectares of land, but another place of interest is the huge Buddha Mandir which is located in Goju, directly opposite to the minister's residence. There is a huge statue of Buddha at the town square, next to the Shiv Mandir. The town square is always busy as the higher secondary school and all major shops are located nearby. The people of this town are very religious and participate in all festivals with vigour, be it a Hindu festival or any tribal feast.


The word 'Bordumsa' came from two words; 'Bor' means 'Big' and 'Dumsa', which is one of the family titles of the Singpho Tribe; the original inhabitant of that place. Members of the Dumsa clan still can be found in good numbers. One can find so many tribes in Bordumsa such as Singpho (majority), Khamti,Tangsa, Nocte, Khamyang, Adivasis etc.

Among Singphos the common surnames or family names are in Bordumsa Circle areas-

  • Bisa,
  • Dumsa,
  • Sikhet,
  • Lakhang,
  • Ingan,
  • Innem,
  • Insoi,
  • Insai,
  • Singkhet
  • Wakhet,
  • Insen,
  • Insadu,
  • Singdu,
  • Sibo,
  • Siong (Maio),
  • Chinam,
  • Goju,
  • Khakhu,
  • Ningnan,
  • Imphum,
  • Umbong,
  • Dibom,
  • Diboh
  • Inkhom,
  • Umbu,
  • Nokhum,
  • Moko,
  • Minlung,
  • Ang,
  • Dili,
  • Singjat,
  • Samon,
  • Mukoi etc.

Bordumsa Circle includes several Singpho villages starting from--

  • Dumsa (Bordumsa Village)
  • Goju,
  • Galangja,
  • Lalung ( Nalung )
  • Gidding,
  • Wakhetna,
  • Dirakna,
  • Kherem-Bisa,
  • Saimo,
  • Wagun,
  • Dapkhu,
  • Kherem Khah etc.


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one of the most interesting villages in Bordumsa circle is Bijoypur the chakma village.