Bornholms Hospital

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Bornholms Hospital
The Capital Region (Denmark)
Location Bornholm, Capital Region, Denmark
Coordinates 55°5′30.63″N 14°42′27.41″E / 55.0918417°N 14.7076139°E / 55.0918417; 14.7076139Coordinates: 55°5′30.63″N 14°42′27.41″E / 55.0918417°N 14.7076139°E / 55.0918417; 14.7076139
Funding Government Hospital
Hospital type Teaching
Affiliated university University of Copenhagen
Emergency department Yes
Helipad Yes

Bornholms Hospital (English: Hospital of Bornholm) is a hospital on the Danish island of Bornholm's city of Rønne. Administratively, it falls under the domain of Region Hovedstaden along with hospitals in the greater Copenhagen area and northern Zealand. It serves a population of about 43,000.[1] The hospital also physically hosts a mental health centre, which however administratively sorts under the psychiatric hospital of Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri.

The hospital is a teaching hospital for medical students from Copenhagen University.


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