Boroo Gold Mine

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Boroo Gold Mine is located in Mongolia
Boroo Gold Mine
Boroo Gold Mine
Location in Mongolia
Aimag Selenge
Country Mongolia
Coordinates 48°44′45″N 106°10′10″E / 48.74583°N 106.16944°E / 48.74583; 106.16944Coordinates: 48°44′45″N 106°10′10″E / 48.74583°N 106.16944°E / 48.74583; 106.16944
Company Centerra Gold

Boroo Gold Mine is an open-pit gold mining site in Mongolia located about 110 km (70 mi) west-northwest of the capital Ulaanbaatar in Bayangol and Mandal sums (districts) of Selenge Province in northern Mongolia. Gatsuurt Gold Mine is 35 E from Boroo Gold Mine.

Boroo is owned by the Canadian mining company, Centerra Gold Inc. It began commercial production in March 2004 and produced more than 1.5 million ounces (46 tons) of gold through the end of 2010. The Boroo mine was the first hard-rock gold mine established in Mongolia and the largest foreign investment in the country at the time it began production. Boroo is estimated to have increased the entire country's GDP by 5-7%.[1]

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