Bosnia and Herzegovina–Republic of Macedonia relations

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Bosnian–Macedonian relations
Map indicating locations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia

Bosnia and Herzegovina


The relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Macedonia are very good, without any open issues between them.[1]

History of relations[edit]

Until 1991, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina were both constituent republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. When Yugoslavia started disintegrating, Macedonia declared independence from Yugoslavia in September 1991. Bosnia and Herzegovina declared its independence in March 1992. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on 12 May 1993.[2] Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all other former Yugoslav republics, recognizes Macedonia under its constitutional name,[3] being among the 131[4] countries that have done the same.

EU and NATO aspirations[edit]

Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina share the common goal of accession to the European Union and NATO.[1]

Macedonia is a European Union candidate country since 2005 and awaits a date for the start of accession negotiations. It also met the criteria for joining NATO, but its membership is currently blocked by Greece. Macedonia will become a member of NATO once a solution is found to the country's naming dispute with Greece.

Bosnia-Herzegovina has the goal of joining NATO as well. In 2008, it signed the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union.

Diplomatic representations[edit]

The Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the capital city of Sarajevo.[5] Bosnia and Herzegovina's embassy to Macedonia is in Skopje.[6]

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