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Boston University
College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
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The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), formerly the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), is the largest undergraduate school at Boston University, offering Bachelor of Arts degrees in 23 different departments and 20 interdisciplinary programs. The programs are divided into four broad categories encompassing over 2,500 courses, including natural science, social science, humanities, and math & computer science. About half of the students at Boston University are enrolled through the College of Arts and Sciences, while almost all students take a few courses through the school during their academic career.

688 Boylston Street - Home of CLA (CAS) from 1907-1947

Boston University CAS stresses a breadth of knowledge in addition to the deeper studies within a student's major. Because of this, students are required to complete general requirements which can be fulfilled in through divisional studies or the Core Curriculum. The divisional studies track requires students to take two courses in each of the three divisions outside their major as well as a one-year sequence in the College's writing program. The Core Curriculum consists of eight integrated courses that cover the general requirements as well as the College writing requirements. Finally, all students must display a proficiency in a foreign language (usually by completing a fourth-semester course).

Boston University CAS provides advising resources to undergraduates in pre-professional tracks, including Pre-Med and Pre-Law.

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