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Botak Jones
Industry Food and beverage
Founded Tuas, Singapore (2003 (2003))
Founder Bernard Allen Utchenik
Headquarters Singapore
Products American cuisine

Botak Jones is a national chain of American food restaurants in Singapore. The company was founded in 2003 by Bernard "Bernie" Allen Utchenik, following a few failed tries at the food industry.


The business began in 2003, when former U.S. citizen Bernard "Bernie" Allen Utchenik, also known as "Botak",[1] established the first Botak Jones outlet in Tuas, Singapore, after two failed food ventures.[2] At least a year before the opening of the business, Utchenik was already running large advertisements for Botak Jones in the newspapers.[3]

In 2009, there were eleven Botak Jones locations islandwide in Singapore.[1] In March 2013, Botak Jones was listed as one of the five best "western food stalls" by CEOs' Hawker Choices.[4] Utchenik sold the business prior to mid-2013, when he opened a new restaurant, BJ's American Diner and Grill.[5]


Botak Jones' menu predominantly comprises American cuisine. Select outlets serve only halal food, so as to cater to Muslim consumers.[2] All of Botak Jones' food products are claimed to be free of "chemical flavourings, tenderizers, binders and MSG".[2] Food items are served in relatively large portions, although "Mini-Me" portions are available for order.[6] Botak Jones also offers catering services.[7] In 2009, the company organised an eating contest, where one had to wolf down a "Botak Massive" in the fastest time possible. Winning prizes included a holiday trip overseas.[8]

Botak Jones has also introduced a "Botak Customer Appreciation Card" scheme, by which customers get certain discounts after accumulating a certain amount of food purchases in cash.[9]


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