Botan (programming library)

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Stable release 1.11.5 / November 10, 2013[1]
Written in C++
Platform Multi-platform
Type Security library
License BSD License

Botan is a BSD-licensed cryptographic library written in C++. It provides a wide variety of cryptographic algorithms, formats, and protocols, e.g. SSL and TLS. It is used in the Monotone distributed revision control program.

The project was originally called OpenCL, a name now used by Apple Inc. and Khronos Group for their graphics card programming language. It was renamed Botan in 2002.[2]

In 2007, the German Federal Office for Information Security contracted FlexSecure GmbH to add an implementation of Card Verifiable Certificates for ePassports to Botan; the modified version of Botan was released under the name InSiTo.[3]


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