Botanichesky Sad (Kaluzhsko–Rizhskaya line)

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Botanichesky Sad

Ботанический сад
Moscow Metro station
Bsad Antares 03.jpg
Coordinates55°50′42″N 37°38′18″E / 55.8449°N 37.6383°E / 55.8449; 37.6383Coordinates: 55°50′42″N 37°38′18″E / 55.8449°N 37.6383°E / 55.8449; 37.6383
Owned byMoskovsky Metropoliten
Line(s)#6 Kaluzhsko–Rizhskaya line Kaluzhsko–Rizhskaya line
Platforms1 island platform
ConnectionsBus: 33, 61, 71, 134, 154, 185, 195, 603, 628, 789
Depth7 metres (23 ft)
Platform levels1
Other information
Station code089
Opened30 September 1978; 43 years ago (1978-09-30)
200911,971,270 Decrease 13.98%
Preceding station   Moscow Metro   Following station
Kaluzhsko–Rizhskaya line
toward Medvedkovo
  Out-of-station interchange  
anticlockwise / outer
Moscow Central Circle
Transfer at: Botanichesky Sad
clockwise / inner
Botanichesky Sad is located in Moscow Metro
Botanichesky Sad
Botanichesky Sad
Location within Moscow Metro

Botanichesky Sad (Russian: Ботани́ческий сад) is a Moscow Metro station in Rostokino District, North-Eastern Administrative Okrug, Moscow. It is on the Kaluzhsko–Rizhskaya line, between VDNKh and Sviblovo stations.

Botanichesky Sad opened on 29 September 1978 along with a northwest ward extension of the Rizhsky radius. The station is named after the Moscow Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences. The name is somewhat confusing as the garden is near the entrance of the Vladykino station, but it takes a 10– 15 minute walk to get to the Botanical Garden from the Botanichesky Sad metro station.


Southern entrance rotunda
Botanichesky Sad Metro Moscow Russia 20191028 145046.jpg

Botanichesky Sad was designed by architects N. Demchinsky and Yuliya Kolesnikova. The station features a pillar-trispan with a ceiling covered with a grid of modular anodized aluminium light fixtures. White marble was used in facing the pillars and the walls, but the walls are also decorated with aluminium artworks on various nature-based themes (artist Z. Vetrova).

The station has two entrances; the southern entrance is a surface rotunda building on Leonova Street which is internally lit by sculptural lamps (work of N. Masterpulo) and is linked by escalators to the main platform. As the station is located under Moscow's circular railway, the station was foreseen as a possible future transfer point. The northern subterranean entrance is on the opposite side of the Moscow Little Ring Railway and is linked with subways under the Serebryakova and Snezhnaya Streets. The station is connected with the entrance by a vaulted subway under the railway. Partly because of its relatively empty surrounding area, the Botanichesky Sad station has low daily passenger traffic of 28,650.