Botnur power plant

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Botnur power plant
Elverkið í Botni.jpg
The Botnur power plant.
Botnur power plant is located in Denmark Faroe Islands
Botnur power plant
Location in the Faroe Islands
Official name Elektrisitetsverkið í Botni
Coordinates 61°29′11″N 6°52′10″W / 61.4863°N 6.8695°W / 61.4863; -6.8695Coordinates: 61°29′11″N 6°52′10″W / 61.4863°N 6.8695°W / 61.4863; -6.8695
Status Operational
Power station
Operator(s) SEV
Commission date 18 July 1921 (1921-07-18)
Turbines 1 X 1.1 MW Pelton-type
1 X 2.2 MW Pelton-type
Installed capacity 3.3 MW

Botnur power plant (Faroese: Elektrisitetsverkið í Botni) is a hydroelectric power station supplying the Faroe Islands island of Suðuroy with electricity. It is located to the north of Vágur. Botnur was the first hydroelectric plant built in the Faroes.[1][2]

The plant was built by the municipality of Vágur. It became operational on 18 July 1921.[1][2][3] In 1960, the plant was acquired by SEV from Suðuroyar Elverk.[1]

The plant is equipped with one 1.1 MW Pelton turbine, commissioned in 1965, and one 2.2 MW Francis turbine, commissioned in 1966.[1][2] The Pelton turbine is supplied by water from the Ryskivatn lake, and the Fransis turbine is supplied from the Vatnsnes lake (Vatnsnesvatn).[1] Botnur is an unmanned plant; it is operated from the Vágsverkið (also called Heimaru Oyrar) power plant.[2]


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