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Bow Ditama in Paris in 2008

Bow Ditama (ぢたま(某), Ditama Bō) is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator, best known for the creation of the Kissxsis series.[1] His first major commercial work was in collaboration with writer Bunjūrō Nakayama as the illustrator of Mahoromatic. He has been active since 1990, and started his career making hentai dōjinshi.[2] His first work was the series I like, because I like in the hentai manga magazine Dolphin Comics, starting in 1994.[3] He has penned six hentai manga (one, Kibun Kibun, being two volumes long and also adapted into an anime), and four general manga. He enjoys shōjo manga as well.[4] Several of his series contain omorashi as a main element.

List of works[edit]


  • I like, because I like (1995) Reprint: (2000)
  • Seinaru Gyouzui (1996)
  • nothing but... (1997) Reprint: (2000)
  • Kibun Kibun (1999–2001: 2 volumes)
  • Super Love Potion (2005)

Other Manga[edit]


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