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Bowdler, a prominent Shropshire family descended from Baldwin de Boulers.

People with the given name Bowdler[edit]

People with the surname Bowdler[edit]


  • Henrietta Maria Bowdler (1750–1830), writer and expurgator of Shakespeare, sister of Jane, John and Thomas Bowdler
  • Jane Bowdler (1743–1784), poet and essayist and sister of John, Thomas and Henrietta Bowdler
  • John Bowdler (1746-1823), moral reformer and brother of Henrietta and Thomas Bowdler
  • John Bowdler the Younger (1783-1815), essayist, poet and lawyer, son of John Bowdler
  • Thomas Bowdler (1754–1825), English physician, publisher and editor of the Family Shakespeare (1818), inspiration of the term bowdlerisation
  • Thomas Bowdler the Younger (1782-1856), Church of England priest and nephew and editor of Thomas Bowdler


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