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Bowland College
Bowland lady.gif
The Bowland Lady
University University of Lancaster
Motto Bowland 'Til I Die
Established 1964
Named for The Forest of Bowland
Principal Mary Smyth
JCR President Domenica Giorgianni
Dean Simon Corless
Undergraduates 1100
Newspaper The Bowland Lady
Website Bowland College
Bowland College JCR

Bowland College is the oldest and used to be one of the smallest constituent colleges of Lancaster University. It celebrated its 40th anniversary in November 2004. The College was named after the Forest of Bowland, to the east of Lancaster. Members of the College are informally referred to as Bowlanders.[1]


The lady in the College logo, The Bowland Lady, represents the personification of Bowland Forest, and is from a Lancashire map drawn by William Hole for the 1622 edition of a poem "Poly-Olbion, or a Chorographical Description of ... The Renowned Isle of Great Britain", the lifetime's work of Michael Drayton, a friend of Shakespeare. The poem is in the University Library; a copy of the map is in the College bar. The college magazine is also named after "The Bowland Lady". The Forest of Bowland was originally called "Bolland" and this pronunciation remains common amongst local people living in the forest.

The JCR motto is Bowland Til I Die.

College Buildings[edit]

Bowland College Quad

The College has 641 study bedrooms overall, over two-fifths of which are en-suite.[2] The standard residences in Bowland Main and Bowland North, along the North Spine, accommodate sociable kitchens shared between 16 and 26 people, and are situated around the College's main quadrangles. In contrast, Bowland Hall offers en-suite residences in a tranquil location by the tree-lined perimeter road; just four students share each flat.

Until 1995 the College occupied its main building, centred on its main quad, Bowland Tower and also Bowland Annexe which consisted of two wings overlooking Alexandra Square. In 1995 Slaidburn House was completed providing extra accommodation for the College to the south of Alexandra Square.

In 2004 the College named its main building Bowland Main and took over the space to its immediate north, which had been vacated by Lonsdale College. This was renamed Bowland North. In the same year the College gained the upper floors of Assistant Staff House and Graduate Hall, which was renamed Bowland Hall.

Bowland Main Quad

Bowland Annexe was renamed Bowland Tower East and Bowland Tower North; the College also acquired the Art Department building, which was subsequently renamed Bowland Annexe.

Bowland Annexe has 35 rooms on C floor, with 2 kitchens, one female bathroom and one male bathroom to share among the residents. There are 3 shower spaces and 3 toilets in the female bathroom.

Heater is present in all the rooms and in the bathrooms. There are approximately 7 fire doors on the floor in the hallway and a fire drill takes place once a week. Residents with rooms overlooking Lancaster Square and Country Main can also enjoy the wind turbine view from their rooms.

The ground floor and first floor of Bowland Annexe belongs to the Arts Department, chemical smells should be expected upon entering the entrance. There is only one elevator that goes to the first floor, individuals should be prepared to move their luggages and belongings up the stairs. The third floor, also known as C floor, and the fourth floor, known as D floor are the main residency area. Each room has their own washing basins.

Parts of this estate were lent to other Colleges during building projects, but Bowland regained Slaidburn House in 2007.

Bowland Tower will be officially opened during Lent Term, January 2014 to students who now reside in Ash House. Bowland Bar, known as the "Trough Of Bowland" and Bowland Main received makeovers in October 2011 and are now fully modernised, in keeping with most of the accommodation and bars on campus.


Bowland Annexe 
Bowland Annexe 
Bowland Annexe 
Bowland Annexe 
Bowland Annexe 
Bowland Annexe 


Bowland College regularly compete in weekly inter-collegiate sports against the other 8 colleges of Lancaster University. This comes in the form of their 3 men's football teams, 4 lady's netball teams and various bar sports including table tennis, pool and darts.

Bowland College won the inter-college trophy, the Carter Shield, in 2006, 2007, and 2008. It is also the current holder of the Founders Trophy, an annual competition between Bowland and Lonsdale, the two founding colleges of Lancaster University. The competition usually takes place during the final term of the academic year, over a four day period. The two colleges compete in various sports including conventional college sports and also sports not usually competed by colleges such as, hockey, basketball, cricket, etc. Bowland has dominated the Founders Trophy since its conception; however, in recent years Lonsdale have found more success in the competition, closing the gap in terms of overall victories.[3]

Bowland College has continued to be a main competitor in the Carter Shield and George Wyatt Trophy, in inter-collegiate sports.


The University Statutes require the College Syndicate to be formally responsible for the strategic governance of the College. The Principal chairs the College Syndicate, comprising all senior members of the College plus the current JCR Executive Officers. The Junior Common Room annually elects three other Syndicate members from its ranks. Meeting at least once a year, the Syndicate has overall responsibility for the strategic development and governance of the College, including the welfare of the student members and disciplinary matters. It may also discuss general matters relating to Colleges and the University as they arise, and report College views to University Senate, the governing academic body of the University.

In practice, most decisions relating to the day-to-day running of the College are discussed and determined at Management Committee meetings. The Management Committee reports to the Syndicate. Equal numbers of senior- and junior-members sit on this committee.

All Senior College Officers and JCR Executive Officers are members and there are also a number of elected places, which allow individual senior and junior members of the College to have their views and opinions heard. Meetings are held at approximately five-week intervals in term time and items for discussion come forward from individuals, the JCR, the Syndicate and the University.


There is a Management Board which oversees the financial management and expenditure of funds received from benefactors: The Bowland College Trust Fund. The Board reports directly to Syndicate.


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