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Bowman is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Bowman brothers
  • The Bowman brothers, a pastoral family in Tasmania (then "Van Diemen's Land") and South Australia, including Edmund (1818–1866), John (1828–1900), William Charles (ca. 1830–1879) and Thomas Richard Bowman (1835–1911) and their father John Bowman (senior) (1785–1857)
  • The Bowman brothers, sons of George Bowman (Australian politician) (1795–1878), including Alexander Bowman (Australian politician) (1838–1892) and his brothers George Pearce Bowman (1821–1870) and Robert Bowman (1830–1873)
  • The Bowman brothers, a group of four Kentucky pioneers consisting of Abraham (1749–1837), Isaac (1757–1826), Joseph (c. 1752–1779), and John Bowman (1738–1784) who were sometimes called the "Four Centaurs of Cedar Creek", or their namesake whiskey brand produced by the A. Smith Bowman Distillery

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