Boxing at the 1928 Summer Olympics – Men's flyweight

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Men's flyweight boxing
at the Games of the IX Olympiad
Venue Krachtsportgebouw
Date August 7–11
Competitors 19 from 19 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Antal Kocsis  Hungary
2nd, silver medalist(s) Armand Apell  France
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Carlo Cavagnoli  Italy
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Boxing at the
1928 Summer Olympics
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The men's flyweight event was part of the boxing programme at the 1928 Summer Olympics. The weight class was the lightest contested, and allowed boxers of up to 112 pounds (50.8 kilograms). The competition was held from Tuesday, August 7, 1928, to Saturday, August 11, 1928.


The competition started with a controversial decision in the first round, when the American Hyman Miller was declared a surprise loser by points. The American boxing team in protest wanted to withdraw all its competitors. But Douglas MacArthur, at that time President of the U.S. Olympic Committee, wouldn't allow it, because "Americans never quit."

Round of 32
August 7
Round of 16
August 8
August 9
August 10
August 11
           Cuthbert Taylor (GBR) PTS  
           Juan José Trillo (ARG) L  
             Cuthbert Taylor (GBR) L  
           Armand Apell (FRA) PTS  
           Armand Apell (FRA) PTS  
           Frankie Martin (CAN) L  
             Armand Apell (FRA) PTS  
           Baddie Lebanon (RSA) L  
           Baddie Lebanon (RSA) PTS  
           Olav Nielsen (NOR) L  
           Baddie Lebanon (RSA) PTS
           Ben Bril (NED) L  
           Ben Bril (NED) PTS  
           Myles McDonagh (IRL) L  
             Antal Kocsis (HUN) PTS
           Armand Apell (FRA) L
           Antal Kocsis (HUN) PTS
           José Villanova (ESP) L  
           Antal Kocsis (HUN) PTS
           Hubert Ausböck (GER) L  
           Hubert Ausböck (GER) PTS  
           Lennart Bohman (SWE) L  
           Antal Kocsis (HUN) PTS   Bronze medal bout
           Carlo Cavagnoli (ITA) L  
           Carlo Cavagnoli (ITA) PTS     Carlo Cavagnoli (ITA) PTS
  Marcel Sartos (BEL) PTS       Marcel Sartos (BEL) L     Baddie Lebanon (RSA) L
  Hyman Miller (USA) L       Carlo Cavagnoli (ITA) PTS
  Alfredo Gaona (MEX) PTS       Alfredo Gaona (MEX) L  
  Jacques Kieffer (LUX) L       Alfredo Gaona (MEX) PTS
  Nikolaos Fexis (GRE) PTS       Nikolaos Fexis (GRE) L  
  José Turra (CHI) L