Boxing at the 1998 Asian Games – Men's 75 kg

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Men's 75 kg
at the 1998 Asian Games
Venue IMPACT Arena
Date December 8, 1998 (1998-12-08)–December 17, 1998 (1998-12-17)
Competitors 12 from 12 nations
gold medal     Kazakhstan
silver medal     Uzbekistan
bronze medal     Syria
bronze medal     South Korea
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2002 →

The men's middleweight boxing competition at the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok, Thailand was held from 8 to 17 December at the IMPACT Arena.[1]

Like all Asian Games boxing events, the competition was a straight single-elimination tournament. This event consisted of 12 boxers. The competition began with the round of 16 on 8 December, where the number of competitors was reduced to 8, and concluded with the final on 17 December. As there were fewer than 16 boxers in the competition, a number of boxers received a bye through the preliminary round. Both semi-final losers were awarded bronze medals.

All bouts consisted of five three-minute rounds. The boxers receive points for every successful punch they land on their opponent's head or upper body. The boxer with the most points at the end of the bouts wins. If a boxer is knocked to the ground and cannot get up before the referee counts to 10 then the bout is over and the opponent wins.


All times are Indochina Time (UTC+07:00)

Date Time Event
Tuesday, 8 December 1998 14:00 Round of 16
Thursday, 10 December 1998 14:00 Quarterfinals
Monday, 14 December 1998 14:00 Semifinals
Thursday, 17 December 1998 14:00 Final


  • RET — Retired
  • RSC — Won by referee stop contest
  • RSCI — Won by referee stop contest injured
Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
         Dilshod Yarbekov (UZB) 12  
         Sayidkhan Kulamahmad (THA) 10  
           Dilshod Yarbekov (UZB) RSC  
           Mohammad Kaddour (SYR)    
         Mohammad Kaddour (SYR) 10  
         Rajan Dangol (NEP) 7  
           Dilshod Yarbekov (UZB) 5
 Ebrahim Mousavi (IRI) RET        Vyacheslav Burba (KAZ) 6
 Vyacheslav Burba (KAZ)        Vyacheslav Burba (KAZ) 8  
 Jitender Kumar (IND) RSCI      Jitender Kumar (IND) 7  
 Ri Kum-chol (PRK)          Vyacheslav Burba (KAZ) 14  
 Nurken Akmataliev (KGZ)          Kim Ho-chul (KOR) 12  
 Kim Ho-chul (KOR) RSC      Kim Ho-chul (KOR) 12      
 Batbuyangiin Enkhtaivan (MGL) 8      Albert Papilaya (INA) 7      
 Albert Papilaya (INA) 10  


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