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Bozo or bozo may refer to:


  • Bozo people, a fishing people of the central Niger delta in Mali
  • Frédéric Bozo, history Professor at the University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle
  • Bozo Miller (1918–2008), American restaurant owner, Gastronomical Champion of competitive eating, and Guinness World Record holder
  • Bozo Ratliff, rockabilly singer from 1950s

Fictional characters and mascots[edit]

  • Bozo the Clown, a clown character in the United States
  • Bozo the Iron Man, a 1930s/40s era comic book superhero
  • Bozo (mascot), a former wildcat kept as a live mascot for the University of New Hampshire
  • The Bozo Show, locally produced children's television program on WGN-TV in Chicago and on WGN America


  • Bozo bit, a copy protection system in 1980s Apple Macintosh operating system
  • Bozo filter or Email filtering, the processing of email to organize it according to specified criteria
  • Bozo sort, a particularly ineffective sorting algorithm based on the generate and test paradigm


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