Bracha Qafih

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Bracha Qafih
Bracha Kapach.jpg
Bracha Kapach
Born 1922
Died November 23, 2013

Bracha Kapach (Hebrew: ברכה קאפח‎‎; 1922 – 26 November 2013) was an Israeli rabbanit, wife of Rabbi Yosef Qafih, who was awarded the Israel Prize for her charitable work.[1]

Bracha Kapach was born in Yemen. She was married to her first cousin, Yosef Kapach, at the age of eleven.[2] Seven years later, they immigrated to Israel with their three children, one of whom died on the way. Another son, Arieh, was born in Palestine.[1]

Rabbanit Kapach's first enterprise in the country was running an embroidery workshop employing 50 Yemenite women. For over half a century, she organized holiday food packages for the needy of Jerusalem. The food was packaged by student volunteers and distributed from her home in Nahlaot.[1] Kapach also collected old wedding gowns to loan to brides from poor families.[3]

Awards and recognition[edit]

In 1999, Kapach was awarded the Israel Prize for her special contributions to society and the State of Israel.[4] Kapach and her husband are the only married couple to have both won the Israel Prize.[5]