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Through station
Bahnhof Brackwede.jpg
Location Brackwede, North Rhine-Westphalia
Coordinates 51°59′49″N 8°29′55″E / 51.99694°N 8.49861°E / 51.99694; 8.49861Coordinates: 51°59′49″N 8°29′55″E / 51.99694°N 8.49861°E / 51.99694; 8.49861
Other information
Station code 811 [1]
DS100 code EBWE [2]
Category 4 [1]
Opened 15 October 1847 [3]

Brackwede station is the main station in the city of Bielefeld in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia except for Bielefeld Hauptbahnhof. It was opened in 1847 with the opening of the Cologne-Minden trunk line.[3] It is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 4 station.[1] Train services are operated by NordWestBahn and Eurobahn.

Station environment[edit]

Brackwede station has six tracks. The platform for tracks 5 and 6 was completely renovated for Expo 2000 and the reactivation of the Osnabrück–Bielefeld railway to Osnabrück; the height of the platform was raised to 76 cm and given weather protection. The remaining tracks have a platform height of 38 cm.

The platforms are accessible via a pedestrian tunnel that goes from Eisenbahnstraße under the railway tracks and the Ostwestfalendamm expressway to the Naturbad Brackwede (natural bathing pool) on the border of district of Quelle. The tunnel is the main pedestrian and cycling route between central Brackwede and Quelle and since the re-opening of the natural pool in 2009 has provided barrier-free access to both sides. However, the platforms are accessible from the tunnel only via stairs and therefore there is no access for disabled people. The rear part of the tunnel that passes under the Ostwestfalendamm was embellished by young people with a continuous piece of graffiti showing the "skyline" of Brackwede.

The station has a parking area. In addition, covered bike racks and lockable bike boxes are available.

Close-by located next to the Ostwestfalendamm and the natural pool, are a mosque of the Turkish-Azerbaijani Cultural Association, a junkyard, a Turkish/Russian supermarket, Lutter valley including the Lutterkolk (pond) and the sources of the Lutter as well as the Gestamp GMF Umformtechnik (formerly the ThyssenKrupp Umformtechnik) company.

Rail services[edit]

The following Regionalbahn services stop at Brackwede station:[4]

Linie Name Linienverlauf Betreiber
RB 67 Der Warendorfer Bielefeld – Brackwede – Gütersloh – Warendorf – Münster (Westf) Eurobahn
RB 69 Ems-Börde-Bahn Bielefeld – Brackwede – Hamm (Westf) – Münster (Westf) Eurobahn
RB 74 Senne-Bahn Bielefeld – Brackwede – Sennestadt – Paderborn NordWestBahn
RB 75 Haller Willem Bielefeld – Brackwede – Halle (Westf) – Osnabrück NordWestBahn
Preceding station   eurobahn   Following station
toward Münster Hbf
RB 69
Preceding station   NordWestBahn   Following station
toward Münster Hbf
RB 67
Der Warendorfer
RB 74
RB 75
Haller Willem

Stadtbahn and bus connections[edit]

Services on Bielefeld Stadtbahn line 1 stop 300 metres to the north east of the station on Gütersloh Straße at a stop called Bahnhof Brackwede, which is reached via a staircase that is not accessible for the disabled. The station is also served by the following bus routes.[4]

Line Route Operator Frequency
48 Bielefeld Hbf – Quelle – Steinhagen (Westf.) – Brockhagen – Versmold go.on 6 per day
80 Bielefeld Hbf – Verl – Neuenkirchen – Rietberg – Mastholte – Lippstadt TWE Veolia Verkehr Niedersachsen / Westfalen GmbH 4 per day
83 Bielefeld Hbf – Senne – Sende/Verl – Schloß Holte Wittler & Voßhans 2 per day
87 Bielefeld Hbf – Ummeln – Holtkamp – Isselhorst – Gütersloh Stadtwerke Gütersloh Hourly
88 Bielefeld Hbf – Quelle – Steinhagen (Westf.) – Amshausen – Künsebeck – Halle (Westf.) go.on Hourly
95 Bielefeld Hbf – Brackwede – Ummeln – Isselhorst – Gütersloh bvo DB Ostwestfalenbus Every 30 or 60 minutes
187 Bielefeld Radrennbahn – Ummeln – Miele-Werke – Gütersloh (service for Miele company workers) Stadtwerke Gütersloh 2 per day

It has long been planned for bus lines running on the Brackwerd city ring to pass the station and to end at a terminus in the station district (Bahnhofsviertel), in order to improve connections between trains and buses. Since the relocation of the bus route 94 to Brackweder Kirche, however, only two bus routes operate on this route.

Bielefeld International Bus Station[edit]

On 30 March 2009, the previous three stops for international long-distance bus services in Bielefeld (Hauptbahnhof, Sennestadt Ratio-Markt and Kesselbrink) were brought together at Brackwerd station. This mainly offers connections to Poland and Eastern Europe (including the Baltic states), but also to Western and Southern European countries (France, Portugal, England, Belgium).[5] The domestic long-distance buses to Magdeburg and Berlin (Berlin Linien Bus GmbH) run via the Hauptbahnhof. For the relocation of the bus station to the central part of the Brackwerd station building, it was renovated and equipped with a waiting room for travellers as well as toilets. A travel agency and a newspaper stand are also located in the station building.


The platform for tracks 5 and 6 and the central part of the station building of Brackwede station is in a very dilapidated condition. The pedestrian tunnel is like a cave, the other platforms have a height of only 38 cm and there were formerly no display boards for the trains, nor barrier-free access to the platforms. In the course of the upgrade for Expo 2000 all stations were modernised along the line to Osnabrück. Only Brackwede station has not been fully rehabilitated. The cost of the remedial work is estimated by DB Station&Service to cost about €4-5 million.[6] DB Station&Service has installed dynamic train service indicators with funding from the recent economic stimulus package.


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