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Brad Lau, better known by his pseudonym LadyIronChef, is a Singaporean online personality and food writer. He is the chief editor and founder of the food and travel website,, which is among the leading food and travel websites in Singapore".[1]


Lau founded the food and travel blog,, in 2007. According to the website, the name "ladyironchef" has no proper etymology.[1] However, there is a Hong Kong produced Cantonese language film with a title that translates to The Lady Iron Chef which was release also in 2007. The website was viewed about 1.5 million times in December 2012.[2] Time Out described Lau as "one of Singapore’s most prolific food bloggers".[3]


On 9 August 2010, Lau was reported to have not paid the bill after dining at a restaurant. Many articles started floating around the internet then, some with physical evidence of how this turned out to be a publicity stunt by the restaurant and its PR stint. Though Lau was eventually proven guilty, he agreed that everyone should be more careful with such media tasting invitations moving forward.[4]


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