Brandy snaps

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Brandy snaps
Packaged brandy snaps
Place of origin United Kingdom
Main ingredients golden syrup, flour, ginger, cream, sugar, butter
Variations Brandy baskets
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Brandy snaps are a popular snack or dessert food in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. They are edible, often tubular, brittle, sweet, baked casings that are typically 10 cm long and 2 cm in diameter. They are served filled with whipped cream.

They are commonly made from a mixture of golden syrup, flour, ginger, cream, sugar, butter, and lemon juice. A variation on the recipe included bicarbonate of soda, egg and self-raising flour instead. They cooked on a moderate heat and are baked briefly as a flat disc that is then rolled while still hot and soft. The whipped cream can be sweetened with brandy or vanilla.


Brandy Snaps are referred to in a recipe as early as 1802.[1] An early Victorian etymology was as follows:

BRANDY-SNAPS, a small cake of gingerbread. Probably brand-schnap, from being burnt, not for the real or supposed presence of brandy.[2]

"Brandy Snap" is a popular sweet snack sold at the Annual Hull Fair every October. The product sold at Hull Fair has traditionally been made by Wright and Co [3] at its Bridge End Works in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

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