Bratislava Lamač railway station

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Bratislava Lamac Railway Station2.JPG
Bratislava - Lamač railway station
Location Lamačská cesta 6530/22
84103 Lamač
Lamac erb.gif Lamač
Bratislava IV
 Bratislava Region
Coordinates 48°11′09″N 17°02′55″E / 48.18583°N 17.04861°E / 48.18583; 17.04861Coordinates: 48°11′09″N 17°02′55″E / 48.18583°N 17.04861°E / 48.18583; 17.04861
Owned by Železnice Slovenskej republiky (ŽSR)
Operated by Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko (ŽSSK)
Line(s) BratislavaKúty
Distance 49.147 km (30.539 mi) from Kúty
Platforms 3
  • Public transport buses and night buses stop next to the railway station
Route map
Localisation within the Bratislava city rail network
Bratislava-Lamač is located in Slovakia
Location within Slovakia

Bratislava Lamač railway station (Slovak: Železničná stanica Bratislava-Lamač) is a small railway station (technically a train halt) inside the Lamač borough of Bratislava, Slovakia. Until 1947 the station was called "Lamač". The railway station is administered under Bratislava hlavná stanica, with the station master (Slovak: prednosta) residing there as well. It lies at the edge of the Lamač and Dúbravka boroughs of Bratislava.

Bratislava Lamač railway station is the smallest true railway station in Bratislava. It contains four tracks of rails allowing the trains to cross tracks or the express trains to overtake slower passenger or freight trains.[1] The station building was reconstructed in 2007.


In the past, stone from the nearby quarry was being loaded onto trains here. The narrow-rail line for this purpose was built in 1924.

On 21 May 2012 a 41-year-old woman died when she stumbled at the first platform when crossing the lines, falling down under a passing train. The accident caused seven trains to be delayed for a total time of 201 minutes.[2]

Rail lines[edit]

The following is a list of rail lines crossing this station.

  • Line No. 110: Bratislava - Kúty


ŽST Lamač public bus stop in Bratislava. The actual bus stops (in both directions) are marked by red buses

A few meters away from the main station building there is a public bus stop called Železničná stanica Lamač, sometimes officially abbreviated to ŽST Lamač. Buses no. 30, no. 37, no. 38, no. 63 and no. 92 stop here as well as night busses no. N21 and no. N37. The railway station is a short walk away for many people from Lamač and Dúbravka boroughs of Bratislava.

This bus stop serves also as a minor intercity bus stop for buses headed towards Stupava and Malacky in the Záhorie region of Slovakia.


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