Bratsigovo Hills

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Location of Trinity Peninsula.

Bratsigovo Hills (Bulgarian: Брациговски хълмове, ‘Bratsigovski Halmove’ \bra-'tsi-gov-ski 'h&l-mo-ve\) is the chain of rocky hills rising to over 300 m on the southeast side of Cugnot Ice Piedmont and extending from the coast of Prince Gustav Channel 4 km northwards on Trinity Peninsula in Graham Land, Antarctica.

The hills are named after the town of Bratsigovo in Southern Bulgaria.


Bratsigovo Hills are centred at 63°39′10″S 58°00′00″W / 63.65278°S 58.00000°W / -63.65278; -58.00000Coordinates: 63°39′10″S 58°00′00″W / 63.65278°S 58.00000°W / -63.65278; -58.00000, which 3.77 km west of Chernopeev Peak and 6.5 km east-northeast of Levassor Nunatak. German-British mapping in 1996.


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This article includes information from the Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria which is used with permission.