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Bratz Babyz is a brand name under which a series of dolls are made.

It is a subset of the main Bratz line in which all of the dolls are babies. The brand is split into two lines, the regular Bratz Babyz and the Bratz Big Babyz (which include a "birth certificate"[citation needed] and other accessories).

Bratz Babyz

In 2004, the first Bratz Babyz were made. The babyz were "Cloe", "Sasha", "Jade" and "Yasmin" (the first Bratz.) The dolls came with a changing bag, a nap blanket, bottle on a chain and a pet based on the girl's nickname (e.g. Sasha's nickname is Bunny Boo, so she has a bunny.) Later on, in 2005, "Meygan", "Fianna", "Cameron" and "Dana" joined the Bratz Babyz group.

Also, in 2005, they released the 'Hair Flair' collection. Instead of having plastic hair, the dolls had real hair like regular Bratz dolls.

Bratz Big Babyz

Soon after, they made Bratz Big Babyz; dolls approximately five times the size of regular Babyz dolls. In 2006, the Bratz Big Babyz Bubble Trouble Dolls appeared. These dolls laughed, burped, and blew bubbles when you fed them soda. Six months after the Bratz Babyz Hair Flair, the Big Babyz had their own realistic hair version released; the "Bratz Big Babyz Hair Flair".

Bratz Lil' Angelz

The Bratz Lil' Angelz are newborn babyz with different mouths then other bratz. They have a smile line and thin lips. They each come with newborn pets, and are numbered in a collection of dolls. They also came out at first with molded hair.

Secret Surprise dolls Lil' Angelz came out with Secret Surprise dolls (dolls with hoodies) which had gunk over their eyes that you had to wipe off[citation needed]. They could either be a boy or girl.

Heavenly Hair Bratz Lil' Angelz came out with Heavenly Hair Dolls, which have the regular hair.

Tiny Tinklez Bratz lil' angelz which pee if you give them water out of the bottle provided with them. They come with two pets, which can also drink and pee and a litter box, with sand included

Itsy Bitsy Bratz

Itsy Bitsy Bratz are the smallest version of Bratz Babyz.[citation needed]


The Bratz Babyz have been the target of complaints from some parents[who?] about the sexualization of children's toys, especially the "Babyz Night Out" fashion pack, the "Brattoo Parlor" playset, and the fact that the Big Babyz wear something under their skirts that looks like a thong. This actually serves the functional purpose of keeping the skirt from riding up and over the doll's hips[citation needed].

Alleged profanity

On Christmas Day 2006, Miami resident Kristina Acre received the Jade Singing Bratz doll as a gift. According to her father, Luis Acre, Kristina told him that the doll was saying "lots of bad words". According to Luis Acre these include "the f- and b-words".[1] Later MGA Entertainment responded on their website about the report. The actual lyrics, which do not contain profanity, are posted on the website in the Videos & Music section under Bratz Babyz The Movie - Music.

Bratz Babyz: The Movie (2006)

In September 2006, Bratz Babyz: The Movie was released Direct-to-DVD[citation needed] by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Deluxe Digital Studios, Sabella Dern Entertainment and MGA Entertainment. It was re-released by Lionsgate. The twin bratz babyz, Nita and Nora, get ready to join Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin at the daycare center in the mall. Snappy, Nita's puppy, jumps into Nora's bag when no one's looking, and Nora, hurrying to keep up with Nita, rushes out without knowing Snappy is in her bag. Once at the daycare center Snappy gets out and escapes into the mall. The babyz escape too and find Snappy has been dognapped by Duane, the mall bully. He demands $50 from the bratz babyz as a ransom for the dog. They all have different ideas, and Jade, Cloe and Nora try to get Snappy back one way, while Sasha, Yasmin and Nita try to get her back another. When time starts to run out, they decide the only way to get $50 is for Nora to win it in the karaoke contest. The babyz learn to team up and overcome the bully, and get the puppy back.


  • Cloe (Angel) - She has a pet winged piglet. Though at times of emergency she seems to let her imagination run wild, she is very cooperative and helpful.
  • Jade (Kool Kat) - She has a pet kitty and loves to help people in need. She stands up for Snappy and takes the blame for Snappy's "accident" on the floor. She loves fashion.
  • Yasmin (Pretty Princess) - She has a pet frog and loves shoes. Yasmin is the only one in the group who does not fight[citation needed]. Yasmin also appears to be the most calm and timid out of the group (excluding Nora). She helps Nita and Nora find Snappy.
  • Sasha (Bunny Boo) - She has a pet bunny. Sasha's personality is very similar to Nita's. When aggravated, her reaction is also similar to Nita's.
  • Nora (Kitten) - Nora is the shy of the two twins and inadvertently brings Snappy to the mall and loses her. Nita tends to be very fussy with her.
  • Nita (Puppy) - Nita is the feisty twin and is known for her short temper and fierce attitude. She tends to be somewhat harsh towards Nora and frequently throws temper tantrums.
  • Cameron - The only male baby from the original Bratz Boyz line to appear in the film. Cameron mainly interacts with Cloe and shows signs of attraction to her.
  • Harvey - Cameron's rambunctious and troublesome best friend. Harvey starts a food fight amongst the shoppers in the Food Court.
  • Ms. Calabash - Ms. Calabash is in charge of the Daycare. She is somewhat insecure and helps the Babyz achieve their goals.
  • Duane - The film's main antagonist. He steals Snappy and demands a $50 ransom payment from the Babyz.


  • All Together
  • We Can Do This
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • Babyz Theme
  • Ready or Not

Bratz Super-Babyz (2007)

Bratz Super-Babyz is the second Bratz Babyz movie and was released in Autumn 2007. The movie is based on the Bratz Babyz Super Heroez line. A video game of the movie was released for Nintendo DS[citation needed], featuring a rock-inspired soundtrack. In the movie, the Bratz Babyz dream to be like their favorite super-heroes. When the Babyz go to a super-hero theme park, their babysitter, Gran, buys them an alien matter exchanger, thinking it's a toy. With the help of the matter exchanger, the Bratz Babyz wake up with super powers. They do good deeds including getting a cat down from a tree, saving two kidz from a bully and preventing a bus from falling off a cliff. But the four aliens want their matter exchanger back, and kidnap Sasha. The babyz save her, but lose their powers and get locked in the aliens space ship, while the aliens change into human babyz and take the Bratz Babyz place. In the climax, Sasha, Jade, Cloe and Yasmin must take on the aliens as regular babyz.


  • Cloe (Seireena): Britt Irvin
  • Jade (Glue Girl): Britt McKillip
  • Sasha (Smartasha): Dorla Bell
  • Yasmin (speedy princess): Maryke Hendrikse
  • Gran: Betty Phillips
  • Tuber: Jan Rabson
  • Tater Tot: Sam Vincent
  • Yam: Cathy Weseluck
  • Spud: Jay Brazeau


  • Look at us now
  • Time to take a stand
  • Its up to me and you
  • Feel the power

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